Cruise Deals for Federal Employees & Retirees

FedCruise is a travel agency dedicated to serving federal government employees and retirees. Thanks to our great relationship with major cruise lines, we have helped thousands of federal employees find amazing cruise deals. Join our email list today and we’ll send you the latest cruise deals – including discounted prices, onboard cash, free drinks and more.

Since 2014 we’ve offered special deals for Feds on the top cruise lines including Azamara, Royal Caribbean, Crystal, Regent and Cunard. Contact us if you have a specific cruise line or destination in mind and we’ll get right back to you with a cruise quote.

The One Question We ALWAYS Get Asked

We’ve answered lots of questions related to cruises over the years but one has been asked FAR more than any other. How do you get the best deal on a cruise? Yes we do have an answer – and since we answer the question so often we decided to post it here on our homepage.

Book in one of these two ways to get the cheapest price on your cruise:

Don’t book with the cruise line directly. Their price is probably not the lowest. Remember that online travel agencies (OTA) receive a commission from cruise lines (about 15%) when they book your cruise for you. And they are able to make their prices lower than the cruise line knowing they will be receiving this commission. You’ll also almost certainly miss out on bonuses and perks offered by large online travel agencies. They are able to offer perks such as onboard cash and free drinks by way of their commission as well.

Book through Expedia instead. Why? Because they always have as good a deal as anywhere else. You can spend hours convincing yourself of this or just take our word for it. The reason why is that no one else, not even other OTAs, books more cruises than Expedia. This huge buying power gives them more leverage to negotiate prices and terms with cruise lines. They in turn are happy to pass some of this discount on to customers in order to maintain their buying power. And the cycle continues…

( even owns other cruise booking sites such as, Orbitz, and Travelocity.)

Expedia is happy to show their appreciation for Federal employees and all the hard work they do. We’ve partnered with Expedia to guarantee Feds the absolute lowest rate on your cruise. Click the special link below to start your search for a Federal rate cruise on Expedia.

The other way to get a great deal on your cruise is to use a travel agent that knows all of the discounts you are eligible for personally. For example, firefighters, seniors, and past customers of cruise lines all get a better rate than the general public. In our case, we know how to take advantage of our customers federal employee status to save up to 10%.

River Cruises

River cruises have become very popular over the last few years. People love the smaller ships and more intimate connection they have with their destination ports. We offer amazing deals and extras for Feds on great river cruise lines including Viking River Cruises and Uniworld. Contact us if you’d like to get the latest deals on European or American river cruises.