Cruise Deals for Current and Retired Feds

FedCruise is a travel website dedicated to serving federal government employees and retirees. We pride ourselves on bringing you the very best cruise deals and news curated especially for current and retired U.S. military; federal government employee; and first responders of all kinds. Click here to learn more!


The One Question We ALWAYS Get Asked

We’ve answered lots of questions related to cruises over the years but one has been asked FAR more than any other. How do you get the best deal on a cruise? We have an answer to that question…

Here’s a checklist for finding the best price available for a cruise:

1. Check FedCruise Regularly: We’re a small, independent website, but we pride ourselves on bringing the best cruise deals; tips; and news tailored especially for federal government employees. Even if we don’t already have an answer to your question, we will work tirelessly to find it!

2. Do your Homework: As wonderful as it would be to know where to find the ABSOLUTE LOWEST price for a cruise getaway every time, such a place does not exist. Depending on what you’re looking for, you should always check multiple sources for deals (travel agents; directly with the cruise lines, etc.), but one place you should always add to your checklist is…

3. Check Expedia When Shopping for Cruise Deals: Expedia almost always has excellent cruise prices, and they regularly beat the deals offered by cruise companies and travel agents. Because of Expedia’s size, they are often able to negotiate cruise packages with incredible savings. Always check Expedia!