Three Great Ways To Remember Your Perfect Holiday

Heading away on holiday is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself, but once you’re home and your suitcase is unpacked, you want to be able to look back on all of those memories that you’ve created.

With most of us having access to a high-quality camera right in our pockets (on our smartphones), we’re taking better travel pics than ever, but how can you make those photos into something more than just an image on a screen?

Here are three great ways to make sure that those memories truly do last a lifetime.

Make a Scrapbook


If you want to do things the old-fashioned way, make a scrapbook to capture your memories in a diary or journal style. Not only is it a great physical story of your trip, putting it together is a lot of fun too, especially for younger travellers!

The great thing is that it’s not just photos that you can put in your scrapbook, it’s anything that reminds you of your time away, whether it be plane tickets, a flyer from the theme park or a loose leaf that you found on a walk.

Just make sure you hold onto anything of interest during your holiday that you think you’d like to look back on in future. When you’re done, you’ll have a collection of memories which goes much further than a normal photo album.

Check out this guide from wikiHow on how to make your own.

Create a Display


If you’re feeling particularly proud of your snaps, how about placing them up on display for all to see? Creating a scrapbook or a photo album is great, but they often get shoved away in a drawer for years and only seen on special occasions.

The great thing is that there are multiple ways that a great shot can be displayed, whether it be blown up and put on a canvas, used on a fridge magnet or printed onto cushions. This way, you’ve got beautiful home décor as well as a permanent reminder of your travels that you’ll see every day. Head to Inkifi for some inspiration on some of the many types of wall art you can create from your Instagram snaps.

Create a Blog


While sometimes it’s best to create a physical memory, digital ones can be just as powerful.

And instead of sticking all of your pictures up into a Facebook album, why not create a blog to give the images some extra depth and context for when you look back on them.

A blog acts a bit like a scrapbook, but it can be shared with all of your friends and family around the world, even while you’re still on your travels.

Again, you can include images from your travels, but also videos and links to interesting places you’ve visited too.

As for which platform is best to use, Tumblr is a good, free option which is simple to set up and use, which is handy if you’re only going to be using it for the duration of the holiday.

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