The Joy of Cruising and Benefits of the inCruises Club

Cruising has become an increasingly popular way to travel and see the world.  In the years between 2009 and 2019, cruise passenger numbers increased significantly from 17 million to over 30 million cruise passengers in 2019.

Cruising is one of the fastest-growing travel industries in the world.  More and more travelers are interested in cruising due to the diverse destination options cruising offers.  Cruise vacations are great not only for retirees who want to see more of the world but also for young travelers, families, and couples. 

Millennials are also cruising more, they love to cruise because it offers them the chance to see more destinations, to be able to blog about their travels, and to travel in an affordable way.

The itineraries cruises offer to travelers mean all the planning has been done for you, the excursions and activities are interesting and engaging, and the on-facilities are facilities mean you can travel in style and luxury.

Cruises are time efficient, a smart way to use your travel time to see as much of the world as possible.  Your luxury resort travels with you, so there is no flying from place to place, you unpack when you arrive and then disembark at various locations without having to pack and unpack or organize transfers.  There are no connecting flights, or missed flights, and no stress of check-ins as you travel to so many different locations.


There is so much to do on a cruise ship, the whole experience is designed to ensure the passengers are entertained.  Every cruise ship should have some good bars, live music, a lounge, restaurants, swimming pools, a theatre, kids clubs, daily entertainment shows, and a gym.  Larger ships have even more facilities including galleries, spas, casinos, and meeting rooms.

Cruises are like multi-story resorts, you have enough to occupy you for the whole of your stay. 

All meals, snacks, and drinks are included in your travel price, although some cruises have specialty items or restaurants that have to be booked and paid for.


Cruise ships always have good information relating to the activities which run daily. When you check-in you should receive a newsletter with all the information you need. Always check out the shore excursions desk to see if there are any activities you want to book when you arrive at the different ports.

Activities on the ship are wide-ranging, including water slides, rock climbing walls, ice-skating, musical performances, exercise classes, mini-golf, puzzle rooms, and dance classes.  There really is something for everyone.  Be sure to check the daily bulletin on board to see what is available.

You can enjoy a cocktail whilst listening to live music, there is always a special show every night. Some cruise ships have amazing shows including Cirque de Soleil and magic shows. The Royal Caribbean has an amazing floating bar you can enjoy, and some cruise ships have flying simulation activities so you can be Superman for the day.  For those wanting excitement, some cruises also offer Formula 1 simulators, go-karting tracks, and zip lines.


Cruising is becoming more and more affordable.  If you are looking for affordable options then you can search for cruises that have shorter travel itineraries.  Cheaper cruises are still good value.

Cruises offer excellent value for money because so much is included.  Not only is your travel and accommodation included, but also your meals, your itinerary, and your activities.

One of the most affordable ways of cruising is to join a cruise club.  InCruise Club offers members affordable cruise travel and access to luxury vacations that are accessible and value for money.


There are a few ways to travel on a cruise for free.  You can volunteer to travel on mock cruises for free, but spaces are competitive and limited.  One of the best ways is to join a cruise club, where you can join a unique saving program. 

The inCruises club is an exclusive invitation-only membership travel club, but there is zero entry tax, click the link below to find out more:

The unique membership model makes luxury cruising affordable, and accessible.  Each time you take a vacation through the membership club you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

This one of a kind membership means you can travel for a fraction of the cost, and you can profit from this fast-growing market.

InCruises is the fastest-growing vacation travel club in the world, with partner members in over 150 countries.  The membership fee is only $100 a month, no contracts or commitments and you can cancel at any time. The membership payment earns you cruise credits/dollars to book vacations through the club at discounted prices.  Any cruise dollars which have not been used, they can be rolled over into the next year so you can accumulate your cruise dollars. 

Special offers are available exclusively to club members and these include buy one get one free – yes, that’s free travel for one person!  There are also offers of up to 60% off for second passengers and guests.

The inCruises club rewards its members via the inCruises partnership program.  If you join the partnership program you can start your own business, become an entrepreneur and work for yourself and earn free cruise dollars which you can use to book vacations.  You can therefore cruise the world for free, using your cruise dollars with no restrictions.


The inCruises membership also offers daily instant bonuses of between $50 -$150 for referring new members and partnership members. By becoming a partner you not only earn cruise dollars, but also the cash bonuses mentioned above, and you can use withdraw this cash and spend it as you like.

You can continue to earn a consistent residual income.  Referrals will increase your income and your partnership rewards, meaning you can actually get paid to cruise. 


You can develop your own micro-franchise by becoming a partner with inCruises. Simply inviting 5 people to become members means you can earn free membership and build your own business.

If you join the partner program with inCruises, you can earn a commission by referring others.  This will reduce your costs and increase your income.  You can also earn money by recruiting people into your Team.  You can develop your own business and earn income by:

  • Recruitment commissions
  • Bonuses for selling travel subscriptions
  • Bonus pool – every month the company distributes pool bonuses to qualifying leaders
  • Travel rewards for recruiting new members
  • Rank achievement bonuses if you are promoted or awarded new ranks.

Use the link below to sign up and make your free account, this link will enable you to access the inCruises platform, and to use the search engine within it to find your favorite cruise.  The platform showcases over 5,000 of the most desirable cruises departing from almost every port in the world, so there is plenty of choice and variety.

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