Last Minute Cruise Deals out of Los Angeles

Have a hankering for a cruise along the Pacific Coast, but don’t want to pay a premium for your trip? Well look no further because we’ve got you covered. In this article we’ll delve into exactly how to snag a last minute cruise deal out of Los Angeles as well as popular destinations and travel logistics.

How to Snag a Deal

The cruise industry is in a restructuring and rebuilding phase right now after the 2020 fiasco, to put it mildly. This, however, is great news for you as a potential customer. Not only are prices already substantially lower, but cancellation policies have had to become far more flexible. No one wants to book a trip and then find out last minute they can’t get their money back. So in order to stay afloat, the cruise industry had to make some major concessions to get their customers back.

Most cruise packages are paid in installments with the final deposit due three months prior to departure. The final installment is due three months from the departure date, and it’s also the last chance customers have to back out and receive a full refund.

Therefore, most cancellations happen three months prior to departure. Also, please note, this doesn’t mean you can’t cancel closer to the actual cruise date for other reasons like inclement weather or illness. Be sure to double check specific cancellation policies to be sure.

If your dates are flexible, then consider booking within that three month window to score some pretty major last minute deals. Keep reading for current specific deals listed below.

Popular Destinations out of LA

Cruises out of the Los Angeles ports stick primarily to the Pacific Coastline. The most popular cruise destinations include:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • The Mexican Riviera
  • The Panama Canal

Each of these destinations has what are referred to as “shoulder seasons,” which in layman’s terms means off-seasons. During this time, cruises are often substantially cheaper. September specifically is known as the cheapest month to take a cruise since children are back in school and families can no longer travel.

Los Angeles Ports

Los Angeles is home to two large and very busy cruise ports.

  • The Port of Los Angeles
  • The Long Beach Cruise Terminal

The Port of Los Angeles is the second busiest cruise port in the United States with over one hundred cruises departing from it every year. This port is precisely 22 miles away from Los Angeles International Airport and there’s a shuttle that will take you back and forth for roughly $55 per ticket.

The Long Beach Cruise Terminal is definitely the smaller one of the two, but still quite busy. And it’s conveniently only 11 miles from the Long Beach Airport. However, there’s no specific shuttle between the two. Ubers and other ride services are easy to come by for transportation though.

When it comes to flying into town for a cruise, we’d highly recommended arriving the day before your cruise departure in case of any flight delays or unforeseen traffic. Also, fun fact, look for cruise packages that include your airfare. A lot of all inclusive deals will take care of your flights as well as transportation to and from the airport.

Recent Last Minute Deals

Bon Voyage

All in all, keep your dates flexible, treat all cruise bookers with kindness when negotiating costs, and join our email list for updated current deals. We hope you have a wonderful trip!

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