Cruise Deals For Wave Season 2024

If you’ve never heard the term “Wave Season” before, it has nothing to do with vacation weather or the best vacation locations to enjoy “waves”. Wave Season simply refers to the annual cruise discount season that usually occurs between January and March. It’s an opportunity for the cruise industry to start the new year off with strong sales; and it’s an equal opportunity for those planning a cruise to snag some great cruise perks and discounts.

Before the pandemic, Wave Season was the time when cruise lines would dangle incredible deals that included deeply slashed cruise fares; free premium drink packages; and room upgrades. Now, with cruises in high demand as people begin to travel again in the post-COVID era, Wave Season deals are a shadow of what they used to be. Most cruise lines already have the majority of their sailings completely booked for 2024, and people are already booking trips for 2025.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though! There are still some great cruise discounts to be found if you look hard enough. We’ve reviewed over a dozen cruise lines that are having Wave Season sales this year. We paid special attention to those cruise lines that also offer regular federal employee and military discounts in addition to their seasonal promotions. Here are the top three best cruise deals we found for Wave Season 2024:

MSC Cruises

Until January 15, 2024, MSC Cruises is offering sailings as low as $279 per person. This price includes drinks, onboard Wifi, and an onboard credit of up to $400. Plus, kids sail for FREE during this promotion.

Popular disembarkation ports for MSC in the United States include Miami; Orlando (Port Canaveral), and New York City. They offer a variety of international itineraries ranging from quick two-night getaways to the Bahamas all the way up to year-long cruises that circumnavigate the globe!

Additionally, MCS Cruises offers discounted rates to all Government employees on select cruises, including Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Federal Express, DHL Worldwide Express, and United Parcel Service (UPS). Discounted rates are available to all retired or currently employed eligible guests, their spouse, parents, parents-in-law and dependent children.

MSC also offers up to a 10% discount on select sailings to all retired and active U.S. & Canadian Military personnel, spouses, parents, parents-in-law and dependent children. Discounted rates are available to all retired and active Military personnel, including U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Army Reserve and Department of Defense personnel.

If you are a current or former government employee or military member, you may be able to get the MSC government discount ON TOP of their current Wave Season promotional rates. I highly recommend calling MSC and checking on this before booking, but this could be an excellent opportunity to score a huge cruise discount on a highly-regarded cruise line.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is one of the “heavyweight” cruise lines that is offering a pretty hefty Wave Season deal that is valid through February 29, 2024- up to 40% off your cruise fare AND a free “like” room upgrade (see Princess Cruises for details). Additionally, the third and fourth guests in your party sail for FREE.

Princess cruises occasionally offers discounts for First Responders and Medical Professionals, although none of these offers were active at the time that this post was written. Princess does always offers up to a $250 onboard credit for veterans as well as active, retired or disabled military personnel. This credit can be combined with other onboard credit promotions that Princess may offer.

Azamara Cruises

Azamara is offering a vague but intriguing cruise discount offer of up to  $2,000 off of the total stateroom price for select 2024 cruises that are booked from now up until March 21, 2024.

When I searched Azamara’s website and filtered the cruise options for itineraries that were eligible for this deal, I received 66 results. The eligible trips included some of the most stunning itineraries in the Mediterranean; Western Europe, and North Atlantic that I had ever seen. A seven-night cruise in Greece and Turkey with a sail date of October 12, 2024, showed a starting price of $1,260 per person. Having cruised in Greece with my wife in 2022, I can say that this looks like a very good rate, especially for a company like Azamara, which is famous for their immersive itineraries and luxurious accommodations.


It’s a tough time to find the steep cruise discounts and deals that were once plentiful as companies were desperate for the public to resume their cruise vacations after almost two years of cruise restrictions brought on by the global health pandemic. With people antsy to resume cruise vacations and with many cruise lines now carrying extra debt brought on by loans they took out to stay afloat during the pandemic, there is little incentive for cruise companies to offer the discounts that used to be plentiful during Wave Seasons in the past.

If you want to go on a cruise, however, there is ALWAYS a deal to be found! It’s often just a matter of how much digging you’re willing to do. Fedcruise is dedicated to helping you find the cruise vacation you want with the budget you want to stick to. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us!

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